Meet our founder, Chris Annoual. As an avid traveler and driver, Chris was always frustrated by the dirty and germ-ridden gas pump handles that seemed to be everywhere. 

But it wasn't until he noticed the growing amount of plastic waste from discarded disposable gloves that he was inspired to create Pump Pal. 

With a passion for innovation and sustainability, Chris set out to design a reusable fueling glove that would not only protect peoples hands from germs but also help reduce plastic waste. 

Today, Pump Pal is the result of that vision - a practical and eco-friendly solution to a common problem that Chris is proud to share with the world.

Christopher Guerrera

Recently, Chris Annoual teamed up with Chris Guerrera to take Pump Pal to new heights.

Chris Guerrera is an accomplished executive with over 35 years’ experience as a

Mechanical Engineer who is a Lean 6 Sigma Manufacturing expert that has

successfully led multiple teams through new Product Launch and is known as

the "King of Manufacturing"


Mr. Guerrera has enjoyed National Media exposure recently featured on the

Shark Tank Season 12 Finale. He is the host of a weekly podcast "Shark Tank

Effect" and is the Vice President of the United Inventors Association. He has

been featured on Good Morning America, Shark Tank and was the Emcee of

the Shark Tank panel for the MAKE48 competition hosted by the Smithsonian

Lemelson Center in Washington DC. His "Made in America" manufacturing

plant is Walmart Certified and his products are displayed alongside such

household name products as Scrub Daddy®, Squatty Potty®, Paint Brush

Cover®, Drop Stop®, and ReadeRest®, all products that have achieved mass

distribution & sales after their appearance on the reality TV series ‘Shark Tank.

Mr. Guerrera was instrumental in the BMW start-up and success in the United

States where he managed the interior group for the BMW Z3 and X5. He was

awarded the JD Powers and Associates best in class Quality Award from BMW.

He was responsible for the Greenville Operation generating 180 million in

revenue using World Class Just-In-Time Lean techniques.


Mr. Guerrera was an integral part of the 1/8 turn fuel system design for Ford

Motor Company and listed on the patent as the Chief Design Engineer. He

spent three years developing the on-board fuel vapor recovery system for the

Ford Taurus vehicle that was first in its class to have such a sophisticated fuel

system design that revolutionized the industry.


Mr. Guerrera holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of New Hampshire

in Mechanical Engineering and is a Lean 6 Sigma Master Black Belt. He is

certified in the Toyota Production System and the BMW VDA Production

System. He served on the Executive Supplier Counsel for BMW, Ford Motor

Company and Toyota Motor Company.